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The Victims of identity A research study on the Khwaja Sira of Hyderabad 2015
Understanding the ideological paradigms through religious tv channels 2015
Report on Violence Against Women in 2009 This report neither addresses the issues...
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RARe—a social development think tank—was established in 2008 by a group of researchers and practitioners with shared vision of enhancing tolerance among youth and children towards diversity, inter-faith harmony and peaceful coexistence in society. RARe chiefly works on children, youth and gender (Women and Transgendered) through Advocacy, Research, Media and Training/Teaching (ARMT). Its current projects include:

  1. Inclusiveness for all Gender Identities (IGI)—Under this project RARe addresses issues of killing of young men and women in the name of honour and transgendered citizens in the collaboration with Centre for Peace and Civil Society.
  2. Improving Tolerance & Co-existence among Children (ITC)—A project currently being run in the collaboration of Osar Education Foundation, Hyderabad.
  3. Youth Leadership & Development Program (YLDP)—A training program based on the themes of Democracy and Rule of Law currently is being run in the Collaboration with Centre for Peace and Civil Society.
  4. Media Research and Analysis (MRA)- RARe independently conducts research on the content of religion-based TV programs in order to understand how the telecast content contributes to tolerance or intolerance towards diverse gender and faith-based identities. (Based on the findings RARe plans advocacy program.)

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