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The Victims of identity A research study on the Khwaja Sira of Hyderabad 2015
Understanding the ideological paradigms through religious tv channels 2015
Report on Violence Against Women in 2009 This report neither addresses the issues...
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Media Watch

Media Watch: To open a media watch cell, which would monitor role of media in influencing viewers and policy-makers
  1. Media Watch (Monitoring News)- All global news with especial focus on South Asia and Central Asia
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News & Analiysis

Eight years after they were deposed from power, the Taliban are resurgent.
‘Stupid’, it’s the local dynamics that matter most…
Paradise Encircled by Hell
Operation continues in Maidan/ Taliban hold meeting
Pakistan: Chaos unto Order?
The Taliban will ‘never be defeated’
Why Pakistan can never Defeat the Taliban
Sports and Games of Pashtoons
Reining in the Fourth Estate
Nothing sells like terror
Ramifications of the Iranian election
Arrested ex-MNA carried Baitullah’s letter

IDPs Narratives

DR-net team’s Field Visit Report
Shabana fell prey to Taliban’s savagism
The monologue of the IDPs
Under the Green Wood Tree a story
My house was above the lake in Marghazar

Special Editions

The Internally Displaced
The Aftermath of Nizame Adal and Military...
Security and development in the region: the new US...
The Long March
Rehman Baba
Special Edition / Analytical Report Feb 2009

News, Views and Opinions

Simple perhaps, scary definitely
Back to square one?
Truth or reconciliation?
Huma Yusuf
Cyril Almeida
Haye Kakar
آخر میں اپنی شکایت کس سے کروں
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